Some Ramblings On OpenAI’s Implosion

Some ramblings on the OpenAI implosion…I’ve seen boards fall out and abruptly fire their CEO a number of times in my career, and I can’t remember a time when it ended up as a net positive for the company.

For those of you not following events at ChatGPT’s creator, at the time of writing OpenAI have just lost their CEO, President, the Director of Research Jakub Pachocki, the Head of AI Risk Aleksander Madry, and Researcher Szymon Sidor.

I guess it’s not unusual for a business to hit an existential crises, but for it to happen so quickly after OpenAI so dramatically entered the public consciousness in November last year is like watching a movie on fast forward.

Whatever happens from now on though, OpenAI have almost single handedly brought AI into the mainstream, and because of them nothing will be quite the same ever again.

We’ll have to see how this plays out…particularly if it’s true that the battle for OpenAI’s soul is between a commercially driven camp who want to go down an Apple-esque walled garden route, and a perhaps more idealistic camp who want to create “safe” AI “that benefits all of humanity”.

Whatever happens next I think one thing I can confidently predict is that it be dramatic, and it will happen quickly…we should get our popcorn.

And yes…I asked ChatGPT 4 to create an image of an implosion using OpenAI’s logo…oh the irony…

Rorie is the author of “The CTO | CIO Bible” and has been working with Neural Networks since his final year dissertation on “The use of Neural Networks in financial time series prediction” at Uni. Commercial AI work way before anyone had ever heard of ChatGPT included a secret squirrel project using a neural network to reverse engineer the Google search algorithm…he thought it was a massive neural network at the time but ChatGPT 4 Turbo is a lot, lot bigger…now part of the founding team at the AI as a Service Team providing AI Software Design & Delivery | AI APIs & Tools | AI Consulting Services…he can be reached at AIaaS.Team

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