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Fintech App AI Case Study

Let AI help your customers understand and manage their money..

AI Created Net Worth

It only takes a few clicks for customers to integrate their bank and financial accounts to get an aggregated picture of their net worth...

They can use their laptop/phone camera to take pictures of their collectibles and include instant AI valuations in their net worth...

AI Managed Net Worth

Our AI conversational and analytic engine MoneyBot will analyse a customer's current and predicted future portfolio performance...

MoneyBot will also show customers how market news and changes effects their assets their portfolio and give them actionable insight on how they might want to manage it...

AI Money Manager

AI Money Manager

Allows customers to quickly and easily create and manage their net wealth across all financial and physical assets.

AI is central to the value proposition, being used to simplify the creation of the aggregated net worth and to generate daily personalised analysis and actionable insight based on the customer’s assets and news/market movements.

This last feature is a game changer, what everybody wants to know is “how will it affect me?”

We use AI to answer that question…


Integrate Your Accounts With Just A Few Clicks

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Add Collectibles To Your Net Worth Using AI And Your Phone/Laptop Camera

Meet Ace...Our Conversational Analytical And Predictive AI Engine...

Test And Learn With AI

Maximising The Amount Of Work That You Don't Have To Do

White labelled and 100% operated and managed by or integrate our API into your current customer experiences

Minimised brand owner work, overhead, roadmap impact or cost…

Or integrate with our API if you prefer…

Customers can choose their dynamic chart type and download the data as SVG/PNG/CSV

Portfolio Performance

No Data Found

DIY With Our API Or Let Us Do It All...

Why White Label AI Money Manager?

By creating an additional AI powered “AI Money Manager” white label PWA app + website brands can

Increase Brand Awareness
Increase Acquisition
Increase Revenue
Increase Customer Engagement
Increase Their Reputation
Increase Their Perceived Capabilities & Value

Increase The Good Things

Increased Revenue

Targets a potentially different and significantly bigger addressable market
The website will appear in search results to acquire and refer traffic
Link equity from = higher rankings for the brand’s website
Cross sell/Up sell to adjacent products
Financial and Lifestyle services Marketplace for Cross sell to partners

Decrease The Bad Things


Chances of being disrupted by AI powered competitor apps
Perception that your brand will be disrupted by AI
Customer churn due to competitive aggregator app usage

Start Of The Art Charts And Graphics


4 shares valued at a total of £23,400

Choose Your Engagement Model

Access API Endpoints Or Deploy A Fully Branded App

Consistent with a brand’s look and feel
MoneyBot AI chat and personalised actionable insight
Easy account integration with 1000’s of institutions
Live financial data, charts, news
Choice of dynamic and interactive charts
Phone/tablet/laptop collectible asset image capture
Smart profiler “fact find” and Marketplace
Integrated with ChatGPT 3.5 Turbo, Google Workspace, Google Cloud, Slack, HubSpot, Salesforce, Typeform,, Calendly and others…

Help Customers Set And Achieve Goals

Uni Fees

£30k at 2026

No Data Found

Second Home

£250k at 2035

No Data Found

Make customers aware of products and services that will benefit them

The Marketplace

Get high CACs working for you by striking partnership deals with financial and lifestyle partners
An interactive smart profiler is included in the app which gathers 26 pieces of financial profile information (in an average of 3 minutes 35 seconds) to identify Cross sell and Up sell opportunities
Calendly has been integrated for instant appointment booking


Leading Edge Technology

Our Technology

App installation on a phone/laptop and mobile/desktop browser usage

Can be included in App/Play stores and/or distributed directly to users

Only “3 Taps To Install The App”

Flexible widget UX paradigm
Core of asynchronous React and Node.js/Next.js/Python & JavaScript

Instant update and Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment

Access to 1000’s of open source libraries and frameworks

A single codebase across all platforms

WordPress CMS

					console.log('Using asynchronous JavaScript allows us to smoothly update the user experiences without clunky server requests and page refreshes…');

Quicker, Better Cheaper With AI

AI Front And Centre

AI is core to the  AI Money Manager proposition, being used for collectible recognition (LinkedIn video here) and valuation, analysis, interpretation, natural language conversation and prediction

AI is used to analyse and contextualise news and market movements helping create a genuine “daily use” app

Vanilla ChatGPT 3.5 Turbo is integrated by default but the model can be trained and enhanced using company specific data

The output of the smart profiler is fed into the AI engine so it can automatically create an email to the customer suggesting products and services that he/she might be interested in…

Customers see and value their assets using their laptop/phone camera...


7 collectibles valued at a total of £168,000

Smart Profiler

Get To Know Your Customers

Painless to complete
Personalised, dynamic and context aware
Takes an average of 3 minutes 30 seconds to complete
Calculates an attitude to risk profile score and an aggregated assets total
Will double check that the customer doesn’t want to create a will if (and only if) their assets are worth more than £200k

Integrated with Calendly for instant will creation appointment booking
Integrated with the AI engine to automatically create draft customer emails suggesting 3-5 products that the customer might benefit from (wholly based on their answers)

Stores the 26 pieces of actionable insight generated in to a Database, Slack, HubSpot, Salesforce and so on…
Try it here

Get to know your customers in less than 5 minutes...

We can work out what type of investor you are within five minutes...

Customers can install the app on their phone or laptop with 3 taps...try it now!

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