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Document Generation AI Case Study

Before AI

Working with the SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) a rules based system was created over six months.
It contained 100's of rules which was understandably difficult to change and maintain as its business context changed.

The rule-based system was difficult to debug and change, prone to human error, and the integration of new rules was time-consuming and expensive.
Complex rules and too many rules also contributed to performance degradation.

One of the biggest limitations of the rule-based approach was its lack of flexibility in handling situations that fell beyond its predefined rules.

Essentially, if a situation did not fall within the system's predefined rules, the system provided inaccurate results.

With AI

AI automated many of the time-consuming tasks involved in document creation, such as data entry, formatting, and proofreading. AI also reduced errors in document creation.

AI-powered spell checkers and grammar checkers have also proven to be more accurate than traditional tools.

AI helped achieve more consistent document style, tone, and branding.

The automated personalisation AI delivered significantly increased all of the key metrics.

AI also generated targeted marketing materials and customised reports for different stakeholders.

The AI system also scaled to handle increased workloads with no real increase in production time or costs.

The Outcome
AI draft document creation improved team productivity by over 50%

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