Cross Sell And Up-Sell
AI Case Study


AI as a Service

Customer Profiling And Up Sell And Cross Sell AI Case Study

Before AI

Before the AI system was integrated there was no automated creation of customer profile data so Sales and Support Teams had no digital product usage or opportunity data.

A scatter gun approach was taken to lead generation with low success rates and high customer interruption.

With AI

AI is used to automatically generate customer profiles and draft email communications increasing customer awareness of additional products and services that they're not currently taking advantage of...

Rather than use traditional demographic profiling the cohorts used are Dr. Else van der Berg's:

1. Jobs to be Done. Helps understand why customers choose a product and what outcomes they seek.

2. Pain points. They are the reasons consumers buy a product in the first place.

3. Alternatives. What are they using now (or considering using in the feature).

4. Values and fears. This is a psychological segmentation, which can also be used in B2B.

Profile summaries are also uploaded to Slack, Google Sheets and a custom property in the CRM system.

The Outcome
By automatically emailing customers with personalised and targeted offers sales lead volume increased by over 100%.

Cross-Sell And Up-Sell

An interactive smart profiler is included in the app which gathers more than 20 pieces of financial profile information (in an average of 3 minutes 35 seconds) to identify Cross sell and Up sell opportunities.

Calendly has been integrated for instant appointment booking…

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