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AIaaS stands for AI as a Service…

We like to pronounce it as “Ace”.

Our mission is to empower your business to get started testing and learning with AI…

Say goodbye to hefty initial investments and rigid costs — with AIaaS.Team, you have the freedom to scale and innovate on your terms. Partner with us and unlock the full potential of artificial intelligence to deliver exceptional value to your customers, every time…

We like to think of ourselves as having created a new service model as the “AI as a Service” (AIaaS, pronounced “Ace”) company created to help organisations deliver better outcomes for their customers by leveraging the capability and scalability of AI…

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Our Mission is to democratise AI and make the most sophisticated and powerful AI capabilities available to everyone…at costs that they feel are more than reasonable for the value they receive…

Our Values are based on fairness, objectivity and equality of access to information. 

We provide the best analysis state of the art AI systems can create to everyone…with no subjectivity or commercial agenda.

Our founder Rorie Devine has been building AI Neural Networks since he was at university (literally) but was has changed recently is the availability and access to AI Neural Network LLMs (large language models) like ChatGPT trained on literally trillions of data points. 

AIaaS.Team makes that capability available in a low friction variable capacity, variable cost, way to help organisations create or enhance customer experiences using AI.

A concrete example of how AI can power future innovative products and services is how our white labelled AI Money Fintech app proposition could be developed.

In the future AI Money Manager could use AI to automate repetitive tasks, such as paying bills and rebalancing investments.

It could also be used to monitor users’ financial accounts for fraud and other suspicious activity.

It would also be used to analyse spend and identify opportunities to eliminate or reduce spending.

One day everyone will use AI to manage their money…why don’t you make that day today by white labelling some or all of AIaaS.Team’s AI Money Manager proposition for your customers?!?

We invest time in understanding each client’s unique business needs, challenges, and goals.
By doing so, we can create AI systems that directly address these needs and bring the most value to each client.

If positive business benefit and ROI can’t be delivered in a particular context then we will say that and decline to get involved.

AI is a truly transformative opportunity so we don’t need to over hype or exaggerate its capabilities.

This focus on client business benefit sets AIaaS.Team apart in a noisy marketplace full of dilettantes wanting to write “AI” cheques that they can’t cash…

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