300 Real World AI Case Studies

Here is how the case studies to include were selected: 

  • It is a blog, paper, or article about a machine learning system created in-house (not by a vendor that sells or implements ML solutions for others).
  • It has sufficient detail on the ML use case and implementation: who the model is for, the ML model design, evaluation criteria, deployment architecture, etc. The more, the better. 
  • It covers a real-world ML system that is used in production.
  • It describes one particular ML use case. There are only a few exceptions that detail multiple ML projects at once — about causal ML or generative AI, for example.
See the case studies here

Rorie is the author of “The CTO | CIO Bible” and has been working with Neural Networks since his final year dissertation on “The use of Neural Networks in financial time series prediction” at Uni. Commercial AI work way before anyone had ever heard of ChatGPT included a secret squirrel project using a neural network to reverse engineer the Google search algorithm…he thought it was a massive neural network at the time but ChatGPT 4 Turbo is a lot, lot bigger…now part of the founding team at the AI as a Service Team providing AI Software Design & Delivery | AI APIs & Tools | AI Consulting Services…he can be reached at AIaaS.Team

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